Canopy - nr. Kemerton, Gloucestershire, UK

part of Studio In The Woods - short, intensive celebrations of designing through making
2009 / with Piers Taylor of Invisible Studio and Meredith Bowles of Mole Architects

This project tested how timber trusses and lattices could enable work at height without scaffold, forming a simple bench with an expressive canopy, looking out over the nearby lake.

The project is part of Studio In The Woods - ongoing, annual summer workshops where students and practicing architects test ideas through making at 1:1 and build structures that arise from and respond to the place of their creation. Work begins with the observation of nature and place, before graduating to hypothesis and concept through group deliberation. Each group is given recently felled trees to work with and are responsible for the milling of their timber. We then become builders. You can read more about Studio In The Woods here.